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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Historian Wannabe

An old man said this recently; This is regarding a proposal to revamp the National Civics Bureau (NCB) training modules which egregiously focused on only one race. The training is better known as Biro Tatanegara. Go ahead google the statement below and; if the reporter/newspaper did not misquoted his statement, then I'll label the quack as a clueless old man.

“The participants had always found the courses useful because they are taught about new cultures and new values like discipline, honesty and to reject corruption. I don’t see what is wrong with that,” he said after witnessing the signing of an agreement between ......

"He said that when Malaysia’s history was discussed, it would be mentioned that this country was once called Tanah Melayu."

“Now it is Malaysia because we have people who have come to settle down here. That is a fact of history. You can’t deny facts and history. But if we can’t even mention that, then we are denying history,” he said.

He said that to defend the much criticized NCB course. He didn't agree that NCB courses should be revamped as what have been proposed by the cabinet in the spirit of 1Malaysia.

Just look at his choice of words (cultures, values, discipline, honesty, reject corruption, history). Very clever machaa! all those words are euphemistically used to cover up the real person that he is. It's an attribute of a master euphemist, successfull manipulator. And god knows what happened to Sabah & Sabahans in the 90's.

And who said Malaysia was once Tanah Melayu? Wah bila pula lagi ni? Where did he get the facts? How ignorant? For All I Know Sabah and Sarawak were never part of Tanah Melayu.


WanderingSumandak said...

Malaysia was once Tanah Melayu? nda lulus sejarah kali dia ni. that duck doesn't even know that simple fact, and had the audacity of calling ppl of West Malaysia as ungrateful lots! wonder how did he became a minister. i think i know how..

TalithaDillingham0 said...

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