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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Historian Wannabe

An old man said this recently; This is regarding a proposal to revamp the National Civics Bureau (NCB) training modules which egregiously focused on only one race. The training is better known as Biro Tatanegara. Go ahead google the statement below and; if the reporter/newspaper did not misquoted his statement, then I'll label the quack as a clueless old man.

“The participants had always found the courses useful because they are taught about new cultures and new values like discipline, honesty and to reject corruption. I don’t see what is wrong with that,” he said after witnessing the signing of an agreement between ......

"He said that when Malaysia’s history was discussed, it would be mentioned that this country was once called Tanah Melayu."

“Now it is Malaysia because we have people who have come to settle down here. That is a fact of history. You can’t deny facts and history. But if we can’t even mention that, then we are denying history,” he said.

He said that to defend the much criticized NCB course. He didn't agree that NCB courses should be revamped as what have been proposed by the cabinet in the spirit of 1Malaysia.

Just look at his choice of words (cultures, values, discipline, honesty, reject corruption, history). Very clever machaa! all those words are euphemistically used to cover up the real person that he is. It's an attribute of a master euphemist, successfull manipulator. And god knows what happened to Sabah & Sabahans in the 90's.

And who said Malaysia was once Tanah Melayu? Wah bila pula lagi ni? Where did he get the facts? How ignorant? For All I Know Sabah and Sarawak were never part of Tanah Melayu.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Duck Test

Lately there have been many occurrences of horrible violence committed by ugly duckies. They continously attacked, attacked and attacked other ducks, geese, swans, chickens, horses, pigs, babi, etc.. These violences were committed by member of the ducks sub-species amongst themselves and also to other species.

Sadly whenever that happens, every leader in the animal community will say "no! the ducky is not acting like a true duck", "the ducky is demented, it's acting on its own and has nothing to do with the ducks", "we duckies want peace in this community", "it was not a duck", bla bla bla. These are the comments made even though many could hear distinct "quacks" (identifiably distinctively duck-like) just before he (the duck) was committing atrocious killings.

But still the leaders are adamant that it has nothing to do with ducks. They said that it was not duck ideological nature to kill others, and that other animals have also been culpable for many other crimes too. "So why blame only ducks? It doesn't make sense!". And yes I do think so as well, hmm... well partly that is.

I think to totally dismiss ideological duckies way of life in the horrible killing is an absolute negligence by the leaders. After all, something must be done to correct and rehabilitate certain psychopathic ducks in the community. We must do a thorough study on why did they turn violent. Conduct research and suggest better ways to improve security in our community.

Cognitively if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck. Why live in denial?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Malaysia Day

Great news for Sabahan and Sarawakian. Finally, the government have relented and announced that SEPTEMBER 16th is from now on a national holiday. After seemingly a never ending wait for recognition of our Malaysia day. SEPTEMBER 16th is a historic day when Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore joined with Malaya to form a federation of Malaysia. Four states federated as one.

Certainly it's good news for us, truly a milestone was created. Younger and upcoming generations will be able to cherish the day Malaysia was born. Not only that, this I hope will also spur curiosity among the young as to what transpired before, during and after Malaysia day. What agreement was made, understand what we conceded and what have been reciprocated by Malaya and Sarawak if any.

The Barisan Nasional government deserved a Thank You from us. But some other things can and shall be done. Relation between the federated states in Malaysia can be strengthened further if sensitive issues such as illegal immigrants, development, racial and religious tolerance, etc. are honestly and seriously tackled by responsible parties.

To truly emphasize this momentous event in history, maybe it is not impossible for the media and the government to give life back to the almost forgotten twenty points agreement. I am sure there's a good reason why our forefathers imposed the twenty points before merging into Malaysia. An agreement is an agreement and should never be treated like it is just another piece of paper, lifeless with no importance.

I will surely support 1 Malaysia if it promotes true integration without ambiguities that are giving certain community/quarters more than the others. We should learn and refer to clauses in the original twenty points agreements. The agreement made before Sabah agreed to join Malaysia. There's surely a valid reason then on why they placed the clause about religion first amongst the twenty.

In my humble opinion, the twenty points agreement should take precedence and carry greater weight concerning Sabahans rights as compared to the constitutions. Don't get me wrong and accuse me for challenging Malaysia constitution, I am not challenging the constitution. I am just stating that we should always look back, learn from the past, and we should understand why our forefathers drafted the points. I am sure they had our (the descendants) priorities close to their hearts on the negotiation table.

You may say that I am being xenophobic and afraid of 'Malaysian Integration', afraid of adopting others way of life and belief, afraid that my family, children and grandchildren will forcefully unwillingly converted to become the others. That I have a close minded attitude, and that I should learn from others and accept them eventually. I should cast away my xenophobic fear. Afraid that my body will be snatched from my family by religious authority for religious burial rights, when my heart does not even believe. Afraid My properties taken away by them when i die, and my family will be getting nothing from it. Believe it or not these are the problems currently faced by many Sabahans.

To tell you the truth, I have never had any issues integrating with other races. Be it Indian, Malay, Chinese, Iban, etc. I can adopt their customs in no time. I eat ketupat, rendang, kari, muruku, lassi, bosou, etc. I could learn to play kompang, wear sarung, play congkak, or any other things that's considered strange or foreign from where i was born. I have no qualms integrating with others' cultures and rituals. But sadly the most pressing issues of them all is about my belief and your belief. It is suppose to be 'to each his own'. I am asking you, if I am being xenophobic, what about the others? who's the biggest xenophobic of them all? Race is a non-issue, it's the belief system that's the biggest culprit of many problems.

Many politicians talked about this sensitive integration issues carefully by lightly treading on it, diverting from the real issues, focusing instead on what is politically right to the eyes of those in power. And through the eyes of young generations which are mostly taught to be politically right at the expense of tolerance in schools.

And yes, this is good for a start. Reinstatement of the 20 Points should be next on Sabah's Politicians agenda.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Partisan Message

Last Saturday, Thousands of Anti-ISA protesters marched into KL. Stopping the city in its track. The message was clear, to uphold freedom, liberty and basic human rights. To be able to speak when it matters regardless of belief, creed and racial composition.

The objective was to hand over a memorandum to the king. But they were not successful, as police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the crowd. So no one could reach the palace gate let alone to pass a memorandum of the rakyat to the king.

Amidst all the chaos, one lone pro-ISA man successfully walked alone towards the palace. He carried with him a memorandum supporting ISA and he wanted the government to keep the law. He wore a T Shirt with a message to keep ISA to protect the rights of a particular race in Malaysia.

Something is very wrong when a group wanted ISA to protect the rights of only a particular community. The Anti-ISA group wanted to uphold liberty for all Malaysians, while this man and whoever he was representing wanted to save only his own race.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Selective International Affair

1. When Gaza was attacked by Israel, everyone in Malaysia came out strongly vilifying the atrocious carnage. Every single day we saw news about Gaza. Many ministers spoke about Israel's arrogance and how the people should abhor and detest the country and its people.

2. Some parties have also urged the people not to buy or use any products that in some ways related to Israel or American which is seen as the strongest Zionist alliance. Coca Cola was one of the products high in the boycott list. Coca Cola responded that a boycott will undermine the local economy since 60% of their employees are Muslim.

3. Many NGOs particularly those affiliated to Malay and Muslim causes organized emergency fund collections to be channel directly to the Gazans people to rebuild their lives. Commercial banks put up donation campaigns via their Automatic Teller Machine urging Malaysians to contribute to the Gazans, complete with specific account number to transfer our money to.

4. The attack on Gaza has even got it to the parliament. The Gaza motion was tabled by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Members of Parliament from both Barisan Nasional and opposition parties unanimously agreed to the motion.

5. But hey! do you remember that the motion about illegal immigrants in Sabah has been single handedly shot down by none other than a Sabahan speaker himself. The motion about illegal immigrants in Sabah didn't even get the chance to be read in parliament. It was rejected solely on grounds of technicality.

6. It is heartening really to see how sensitive Malaysians can be. We do not condone violence in any forms against humanity. And we would help in any way possible to assuage the wretched who suffer because of violence, natural disasters or any other form of calamities. Like the ones occurred in Sichuan earthquake and also the Hurricane Nargis in Myanmar. But the amount of support and assitance offered to China and Myanmar were mere peanuts as compared to those in Palestine.

7. I don't know if you notice it or not, but Malaysians particularly those in power and NGOs are clearly very selective in their international affairs. Whereby they are selectively overly unfair in their comments and actions. Just look at the quantum of support given to the Gazans as compared to those suffering in the crisis in Sri Lanka. Think about it, what is the difference between the people in Gaza and those in Northern Sri Lanka?

8. The crisis undergoing the Tamil people in Sri Lanka is no less severe than what had happened in Palestine. Why do Malaysians pay least attention towards them? Where are the NGOs such as Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung? Pemuda UMNO? Where are the UTM students who organized special outdoor prayer for the Palestinians? Why not pray to God to stop the killing, for peace and wellbeing of the Tamils in Sri Lanka?

9. Why not convene a special Parliamentary session to condemn the carnage in Sri Lanka? I think you and every like minded Malaysian can extrapolate or speculate the reasons behind Malaysian selective international affair, but we could not make the implicit explicit.

10. In the meantime let us look back and think. That if our government and NGOs can be very unfairly selective in their international affairs, then would it be much different to our internal affair?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Inculcating Terror

No doubt Malaysia is a peaceful country. The people living in harmony with one another. Though certain policies are outrightly questionable. But we are still able to maintain status quo. Thanks to the spirit of "muhibbah" (tolerance, rapport) and "bertolak ansur" (give and take). However more often than not those who tolerate/giving were the same group of people all along.

The leaders have been propagating message of peace and harmony in multiracial and multireligious Malaysia. To understand each other better. Between the Christians, muslims, buddhist, taoist, atheist, etc. And we did that for more than 50 years. Malaysia has prospered. Everyone is happy.

But never underestimate our Malaysian fury. When it comes to military attack or invasion by non-muslim country towards another muslim country. These same Malaysians will show their true colors. They will take it to the street in religious solidarity. Charged by vengeance and anger. Never mind if they don't know the real story, never mind if there were casualties on either side. For all they know it was only a muslim country invaded by a jews or non-muslim country.

Never mind the symbolic burning of flags and effigies, never mind the over charge shouts of "Mati Israel, Hidup Palestin" (Die Israel, Live palestine). Was it not in the scripture that a matter of life and death is in the hands of Allah? Are they trying to defy the omnipotence? Look at the protest organized by UTM students. What will the American students in UTM think about it? What's with UTM's ambition to be internationally recognized learning institution?

Do they know that what they do will surely have an impact on younger generations and kids in particular? For all they care is to let it out, show wrath. Burn everything related to Israel or Americans. Never mind there are hundreth of millions other Americans, of which I think majority of them are also against Israel's policy. By burning their flag, it is declaring war against all of them. And they are are quite a number of American students in Malaysian public universities, particularly in UTM. That will surely send chill down their spine.

Think about this, what would you think when you see a group of British students burning Malaysian flag in Cambridge university, and you are one of the foreign students? Put yourself into the American students shoe, witnessing scary images of 2000 UTM students performing "Solat Hajat" prayer followed by sermons and chants of hate. At some places the American and Israel flag and effigies were burnt.

UTM students should be embarassed by what happened. UTM now sort of become a factory for militants. The saddest part is the UTM's management allowed the protest to take place. The management allowed all the nonsense. This must be stopped once and for all. We don't want another Dr. Azahari Husin, the mastermind of Bali Bombing and few others, who was a former lecturer in UTM. Also the current fugitive on the run Nordin Mohammed Top, a former postgraduate student in UTM.

What's with a protest organized by Pemuda UMNO at Palestinian Embassy? Which eventually turned into war of words between the protesters and Palestinian ambassador. Why? Because they carry the posters of Hamas leaders which are known to be the most despicable terrorrist ever live. Look at how stupid Pemuda UMNO are. Even Palestinian ambassador himself was perplexed by Malaysians. Carrying the poster of Hamas leader is equivalent to condoning terrorism.

What we want is peace between Israel, Palestine and other Arab countries. It should be possible when both countries at war to stop attacking one another. However fundamentalist Hamas must also be committed to peace. Mind you, they attacked Israel with Rockets as well. But of course the attack from Palestine towards Israel will never be reported in Malaysian media.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Math and Science in English or Malay?

1. Nowadays Malaysia Education Minister Datuk Hishammudin Tun Hussein must be in a state of quandary. He has to make a decision. Whether to maintain the teaching of Math and Science in english, or to revert to Bahasa Malaysia. Some quarters really want to revert to Bahasa Malaysia, while some argue that english is the best medium.

2. For english speaking Malaysians, the argument must be about the status of english in development of math and science internationally. Science & Math Journals and R&D articles published around the world are using english. Therefore our youths must not be left out under the coconut shell (di bawah tempurung). By teaching them these two subjects in english, they would be able to participate and compete internationally, not just confined to Bahasa Malaysia speaking community.

3. Fair enough, they have their valid reasons for using english. Since our country produced very little advancement or new knowledge in science and technology. Malaysia has been a big importer of foreign know-how and technologies. Aside from winning several high-school science award in little known science and technology expos, Malaysia has nothing to boast of to international community.

4. Take our highways for example! Remember when debris from MRR2 started falling in Kepong. Our engineers could not do anything about it. Then they started calling engineers from Germany who in my opinion did a sloppy job themselves. But they have the know-how and technologies to build elevated highway which Malaysia's lacking.

5. What about the controversial eurocopters deal? Those foreign military choppers to replace the shoddy Nuris. The purchase of submarines and military ships from foreign countries, etc. etc. etc. and etc. Seem like our english educated engineers are good at nothing but one. Negotiating deal with foreign salesman. As I suppose, english is used on negotiation table.

6. I think what important is to present the concept in the best possible manner. We want Math & Science concept to be ingrained into the pupils brain as effectively as possible. We cannot run away from the facts that most students in rural area, especially in Sabah are not that well versed in english. Even those living in big towns also are not that good in english.

7. Some Malaysian speaks english fluently. For me, I have to slowly translate malay word to english first in my mind before saying or writing it out. That's why my english is bad. But I can speak and deliver my message better to an englishman rather than to any good Malaysian english speaker. Because I know, that they too can speak and understand Malay. But sometimes pride can be an obstacle.

8. Nevertheless, I would still speak to them in Malay to deliver my message better, rather than to stammer with lots of uhhmmm, hmmm... ahhh...., etc. Unless of course if that person has been staying in kampung all his life, never learn the language in school, or would rather die than to face the shame of speaking Malay. In that case I would relent and let him have his way and with me stammering along.

9. Because to be honest in most of my business dealings in KL, most of them speaks stammering english. Or very quick fluent english without any interruption until I could not understand them at all. Mind you englishman from London would also frown at them. Which is correct? Malaysian english or British English? Have we surpassed the english? That we become more english than the english? Whiter than white?

10. Broken english is definitely not good for the students, it will make them more confused, lost and unable to grasp the concept while trying hard to understand the language. You tell me! Do we want to teach the concept or the language? Our school already have English Language as one of the primary subjects. Even that subject also charted inferior national examination results thus far, why not focus on the subject instead to improve the students' english?

11. Work on the elementary first. The students must be taught english from home, since they were small. Having a household who speak broken english, such as "Baby, come come.. my baby not speak english proper2 oledy, too much champor-champor with other language" or "My Son oni speak english one, he not know speak Chinese or Malay one. Huisss speak Malay lagi no good one!" will not help.

12. History had proven that many branches of Math were not invented by english speaking mathematicians. For example algebra, a branch of mathematics invented by Islamic Persian mathematician Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi. He didn't speak english, yet able to come out with such a revolutionary mathematical concept. Well then you may ask, what about Isaac Newton? Ok he is english, but he was not the only mathematician. There are many others.

13. The abacus was developed by the chinese. It was built out of wood and beads. It could be held and carried around easily. The abacus was so successful that its use spread from China to many other countries. It helps people keep track of numbers as they do the computing. It was invented nearly 5000 years ago. This is one of the great computing tool. There's no way that english language had any influence on this great invention.

14. Upon understanding how to determine the volume of an object, Archimedes leapt out of his bath tub, then took to the streets naked. So excited by his discovery that he had forgotten to dress, crying "eureka! eureka! eureka!" He certainly did not say it in english, which would mean "I Got It".

15. Ptolemy, Copernicus, Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pythagoras, etc. to say the least have all contributed greatly to science. There are so many others in different fields, such as in astronomical science, etc. Most are started or invented by those who did not speak a word of english in their life. Not knowing english didn't deprive these great inventors from producing groundbreaking science and mathematical inventions. Then why on earth do we think that it will deprive our schoolchildren here in Malaysia?

16. I wonder why Japan can be a pioneer in science and technology though their english is crappy.

17. Lastly, I believe Language is not to IMPRESS, but to EXPRESS. Simple solution is to teach Math and Science in a language where the students are more comfortable with. Kadazan, Chinese, Tamil, Telegu, Malay, English... No issue as long as the students could understand better.